About - Jens Rohde

I'm a geek, nerd and enthusiast, a highly interested, persistent and obsessive person. Continue the list on your own.
In other words, if I get interested in something, I deep dive into the matter, and most of the time, I remember to breathe.

One problem though: I have a hard time deciding which subjects to use my allotted time at.

At present the list includes the following topics (in no particular order): Computers, music, garden and photography. Other subjects surface from time to time, but I try to stick to these four subjects, and by that focus I hope to master them well.
Computers is my job. I try to keep them there. Gardening and music is a common passion of Helle (my wife) and I. That and other common projects is placed on rohde.dk (text in Danish). Feel free to stop by.

This site is about photography. And only that!

I have been taking photographs for many years. The first many years on film, using various rangefinders. First what ever my parents had, and later on what I got as presents, or purchased second hand.
When I started my studies (engineering), I more or less stopped. Time nor money was in plenty enough stock, and purchase and developing of film was expensive.

I started photographing again some 10 years ago, when I bought my first DSLR. Lots of equipment has been acquired since, and most of it sold again. Today I have a Fujifilm X-T1 with a few lenses, so I generally travel light.

I will leave you with these comments about me. Enjoy my creations.

I can be contacted at: jens@rohde.dk

PS: Photo by Adam Bindslev

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